All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing

The objective of this web site is to highlight situations which many people believe are unacceptable.

If you believe it might be said:

“this should not happen in the civilized, democratic, accountable society in which [we are told] we live”.  

And you think that an ordinary person like you might say:

“there but for the grace of God go I”

The information and documents presented in these case studies are the work and responsibility of the people who have experienced and recorded the information.

If you would like your case study published, there are a number of things you will have to do:

  • Convince us that an injustice has occurred.
  • Produce evidence that will satisfy us.
  • Be prepared to write and update the case study.
  • Take any flak that the sinners may throw at you.

The first question you will have is " Who are you ? ". The answer is simple. This site is companion to Accountability Scotland. That site is dedicated to lobbying for systemic change.

The next question is " Why do you sponsor this web site ? ". The answer is simple. Too many people simply don't have a voice and are wholly unable to get their "case" resolved. Publishing the details helps people attain closure to their situation thus enabling them to " get on with their life ".