This is a simple case study which demonstrates the ability of a civil servant [with a safe salary and an even safer pension] to act unreasonably causing loss and damage to others with no thought of the consequences.

It is of course extremely boring to read ... However, it clearly demonstrates that East Renfrewshire's employee exacerbated the problem with the tenant whose previous actions had already indicated her probable mental health . . . .

Business Water Charges for Small Business's in rented or leased accommodation

Ok - what's this page about ? Its about SMALL business's who do not have a water supply, and thus no toilets of their own.

So what does this mean in practice ? It means they are asked to pay about £2 per visit to go to someone else's toilet. Imagine if O'Leary of Ryan Air had actually charged a Euro to use the toilet on a plane - and they are actually HIS toilets.

To understand the whole mess on Water Charges, click here.

Independent Review of Planning October 2015

During the SPSO’s annual performance review earlier this year, it was finally acknowledged by Jim Martin [The Ombudsman] that Scotland’s planning legislation is contradictory and he is left to make what he claims are balanced decisions. As local residents know to their cost these contradictions lead to long and needlessly stressful disputes between those who suffer unauthorised additional loss of amenity, hardship and injustice, and the local authorities involved.

What is this all about ? 

This is the story of a ground floor flat in a "Four in a Block" property in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire. It is about Jeanette Knox's attempts to get the house she owned repaired under an order from the local council. Meanwhile a younger relative with special needs continues to live in a flat deemed unfit for human habitation.

After Jeanette's health problems, her campaign was taken up by her sister Nancy Smith who lives in Barrhill.

The story of Rab Wilson and NHS Ayrshire Arran


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