The worth of complaining to your MSP

Complaining to your MSP is common place and sensible thing to do when you have a problem in life - with someone in the "the goverment" - whether it be local, state, or Quango.

Is it worth it ? In a word NO. Does it work ? Again: NO

The question is "Why not". The answer is simple: because your MSP is mostly not persistent enough to obtain a result from an official in the Scottish Govenment's administration, or whatever other body they have written to - and there is plethora of Quangos in Scotland. A Quango is a "Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation" - see here: And this page for non-exhaustive list:

The problem is recognised. Ken Macintosh, the Convener of the Scottish Parliament, started a Commission on Parliamentary Reform - you can read more here: The commissions report was published in June 2017. There has been no visible change . . . . well not to the ordinary Citizen of Scotland.

It is intended to start posting the short, and in the end often useless, chains of communication between an MSP and whoever. Remember that that most ministers NEVER actually see these communications let alone draft the replies. It has been an entertaining exercise to demonstrate this during the research.