Water Charges - Miscellaneous

These are articles which have been written, which are relevant, but do not fall conveniently into one of the other groups.

This set of articles relates to non-domestic tenants in leased premises where the water and or sewerage supply is connected to the landlord's facilities, namely the common or shared areas. Noted that the landlord's staff and contractors et al also have access to these facilities.

The problem is that Scottish Water consider that the tenants of leased premises ought to be paying water, sewerage, and drainage charges, whereas the law appears to state otherwise.

Business Water Charges for Small Business's in rented or leased accommodation

Ok - what's this page about ? Its about SMALL business's who do not have a water supply, and thus no toilets of their own.

So what does this mean in practice ? It means they are asked to pay about £2 per visit to go to someone else's toilet. Imagine if O'Leary of Ryan Air had actually charged a Euro to use the toilet on a plane - and they are actually HIS toilets.

What can you do ?

If you have been caught in this unfortunate situation - and judging by the comments and complaints on the internet - a lot of people have, just what can you do ?

There are a number of avenues, but ALL of them are lengthy and time consuming as well as being emotionally exhausting. Please read the WARNING NOTE at the end of this article.

It has become clear that many people would like a draft of a letter or email to send to Scottish Water Business Stream or one of the other licenced collectors when they first receive an invoice for charges that they should not be paying, or some other threat.

First Step - CHECK that your premises really is NOT an Eligible Premises under the terms of Section 27, Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005.

Is this just a rant, or is there other published evidence ?

Here are two web sites which report adverse behaviour:

So once we have established that there is a problem, who is responsible. It is of course the employees in the Revenue Protection Department of Scottish Water as directed by their Board, and Scottish Water Business Stream who pursue the invoices which are erroneously raised.

We all know what a "devil spoon" is. It is an ordinary tea spoon with a much longer handle, so that you don't get your fingers [burned] covered in marmalade when trying to get the last dregs of marmalade out of the jar.

It is the same for Landlords who choose to "do a deal" with Scottish Water regarding their tenants.

Meeting of the Parliament on Wednesday 19 April 2017 - Water Charges (Business Centres)

John Mason (Glasgow Shettleston) (SNP):

To ask the Scottish Government what the impact is of water charges on smaller organisations that operate in business centres in which they do not have their own water supply but share kitchens and toilets. (S5O-00860).


This paper relates to the continuing research into the conduct of various parts of the Water Industry in Scotland relating to charges for Non-Domestic Properties which cannot be classified as Eligible Properties in terms of Section 27 of the 2005 Water Act.

It was submitted to the Commission on Parliamentary Reform on 13th March 2017, who verbally acknowledged receipt, and has now been published on the Committee's web site.

It is the culmination of the assessment on what is wrong with the Water Industry viz: it is NOT engendering an environment where small business's can prosper; indeed it can probably be said to be wholly detrimental.